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DeepEX 3D City Package: Model an entire metro line in as little as a couple of hours!

Metro line in Copenhagen, tunnels and metro stations simulated in DeepEX

Does the thought of laborious transportation analysis, station positioning, and tunnel design make your project timeline stretch indefinitely? Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of endless complexity to design a remarkable Metro Line? DeepEX 3D City is the game-changer that will revolutionize your workflow! With DeepEX 3D City, you can model an entire metro line in as little as a couple of HOURS! This powerful package allows you to model entire cities and tunneling projects, offering a complete solution for metro design challenges! Now you can bring in your whole city map with all buildings and surface elevations from Google, perform transportation analysis, and place your ideal station locations in the city map automatically. Create fast tunnel alignments, analyze and optimize the whole model, and review the expected damages and repair costs for each building affected by your tunnel line with a click of a single button! Brace yourself for the extraordinary as we empower you to model an entire metro line in mere hours!

Learn more about DeepEX 3D City and gain a competitive edge in preliminary and final project design!



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