Online Workshop: Wave Loads and Marine Walls

World leading instructors: William Allsop, Marisa Ackhurst, Dimitrios Konstantakos

Date and Time: TBA

6.5 PDH Credits Available

Marine walls for harbors or waterfront structures require that engineers consider a number of design conditions. A proper design and evaluation may include wave loads, coastal, structural, geotechnical, and operational considerations. While on significant projects this is a multidisciplinary effort, on less notable works a single engineer could be called to address all issues. Many structural and geotechnical engineers might not be familiar with wave loads on marine walls or might take a simplistic approach. On the other hand, many coastal engineers are not well versed in geotechnical and structural engineering.

This workshop bridges the gaps and lays a strong foundation covering wave forces, structural concepts, and geotechnical considerations for marine walls. Taught by world leading experts Professor William Allsop, Ms. Marisa Ackhurst, and Mr. Dimitrios Konstantakos, guaranteed to deliver a memorable learning experience.

Part 1: Wave loads and coastal considerations, by  William Allsop

Part 2: Vertical marine walls, by Ms. Marisa Ackhurst

Part 3: Geotechnical considerations and step-by-step worked examples, Dimitrios Konstantakos, P.E.


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Deep Excavations Design Workshop March 2021Images of Marine Walls: Ackhurst, M (2020) Design of Vertical Gravity Sea and Quay Walls, ICE, London, UK, and William Allsop


Date and Time: TBA

Part 1: Coastal Environment and Wave Load Methods   -   William Allsop

The following topics will be covered:

  • Tides, surges and water levels
  • Waves, generation, and nearshore transformations
  • Joint probability diagrams
  • Depth-limited wave heights for coastal structures
  • Example breakwaters and seawalls
  • Wave overtopping at coastal structures
  • Types of wave breaking at seawalls
  • Wave forces, pulsating
  • Wave forces, impulsive

Part 2: Vertical Gravity Walls and Quay Walls   -   Marisa Ackhurst, P.E.

The following topics will be covered:

  • The design process
  • Various structure types and deciding on the solution
  • Project specific requirements
  • Actions (loads) to consider
  • Design tasks
  • Furniture, equipment and other fittings
  • Project examples

Part 3: Geotechnical Considerations and Examples   -   Dimitrios Konstantakos, P.E.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Geotechnical considerations.
  • Earth pressures on maritime walls.
  • Global stability issues.
  • Load combinations, Eurocode 7, and design code issues.
  • Earthquake loads and dynamic considerations.
  • Worked step by step design examples.

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Workshop Instructor: William Allsop

William Allsop has 50+ years' experience of coastal / shoreline structures, engineering works on coasts, in tidal estuaries, and rivers, in sand and cohesive sediment transport, of river structures, outfalls and oil booms, and performance and certification of temporary flood protection devices.  Until January 2018 he was Technical Director for Maritime Structures at HR Wallingford, responsible for consultancy and research studies, technology development covering design, analysis, testing, and optimization of breakwaters, sea walls, revetments, jetties / piers and wide range of reservoir, shoreline, estuarial and coastal structures.  He has supervised model testing in large facilities in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey.

William Allsop has been responsible for research to advance design methods for breakwaters and coastal structures in collaboration with other UK and European researchers. He has cooperated on research projects in UK, Europe and USA, particularly in VOWS, Big-VOWS, PROVERBS, CLASH and Floodsite. He has served on ICE Maritime Board, PIANC working groups, and has contributed to PIANC, BSI, ISO and ICE working groups, the Rock Manual, Revetment and Exposed Jetties Manuals, and revisions to the BS6349.

As Visiting Professor at Southampton (previously at Sheffield, Belfast, and UTM), William Allsop has taught more than 120 courses / workshops / seminars since 1994, and regularly teaches short courses each year.

Marisa Ackhurst.jpg

Workshop Instructor: Marisa Ackhurst, P.E.

Marisa Ackhurst has 20 years’ experience in the management and design of marine and port structures and is currently employed as an associate at Zutari. Her design experience is typically in concrete and steel structures with project experience in Africa, the Middle East, Indian Ocean Islands and South-East Asia. She has worked for a marine contractor before moving into the consulting engineering field. Marisa is the author of the ICE design guide, Design of Vertical Gravity Sea and Quay Walls, which has recently been published (May 2020). This also contributed to her receiving a commendation from the South African Institution of Civil Engineering for 2020’s Technologist of the Year. Furthermore, Marisa is an active PIANC member currently fulfilling the role of secretary for the South African branch.


Workshop Instructor: Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, P.E.

Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, P.E., is the founder and CEO of Deep Excavation LLC, a developer of user-friendly, high-quality, deep excavation calculation and design software. He is also the current chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Earth Retaining Structures Committee.
Mr. Konstantakos holds a master of science degree in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has been involved in the design of bridge foundations, tunnels, deep excavations, finite element simulations, piers and bulkheads, pile foundations, and field inspections.Mr. Konstantakos has also taught Support of Excavation Systems as an adjunct professor at New York University.

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