Slope stability, Soil nail wall, and Inclinometer Monitoring - Online Workshop

Gain expertise and confidence with step by step instructions!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 10.30 AM to 5 PM EST

6.5 PDH Credits Available

Beyond software, the seminar focuses both on theory and practice. Starting from simple examples to more advanced topics the worskhop is distilling years of slope stability, soil nail wall, and inclinometer experience. The workshop will build on solid fundamentals, and help engineers minimize uncertainties.


Upcoming Workshop:

Date and Time: Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021, 10.30 AM to 5 PM EST

6.5 PDH Credits Available


Part 1: Slope Stability and Stabilization

Slope stability

  1. Theoretical Background
  2. Failure mechanisms
  3. Case histories
  4. Limit-equilibrium vs. FEM
  5. Upper bound and lower bound methods
  6. Total stress vs effective stress methods
  7. Instability indicators
  8. Stabilization methods
  9. Pile stabilization examples
  10. Remedial measures
  11. Slope stability and retaining walls
  12. Collapse case studies

Part 2: Soil Nail Walls and Inclinometers Monitoring

Soil nail walls

  1. Theory
  2. FHWA Methods
  3. Allowable Stress Design
  4. LRFD
  5. Work examples
  6. Tips and tricks

Inclinometer Monitoring

  1. Introduction
  2. When are inclinometers needed
  3. Theory
  4. Correction methods
  5. Examples
  6. Tips and tricks
Rob Clark Instructor.JPG

Workshop Instructor: Rob Clark, P.E.

Rob Clark, P.E., Geotechnical Services Engineer, Geokon, has more than 30 years of instrumentation experience in the design and installation of an assortment of instrument types. Many of these years were spent in the consulting industry where he served as an instrumentation specialist for a variety of small to large scale monitoring programs. He has worked in the instrumentation industry on many facets of the monitoring programs, ranging from development of plans and specifications.

Rob has installed over 100 inclinometers casings throughout his career. He currently works with Geokon customers providing field assistance for installations and in-house data evaluation, including inclinometer data.

Vytiniotis Instructor.JPG

Workshop Instructor: Antonios Vytiniotis, P.E.

Dr. Vytiniotis is the Director of the MA Consulting practice at Geocomp. He has background in structural and geotechnical engineering, geotechnical earthquake engineering, and numerical analysis.

He has worked on numerous projects in more than 20 states and multiple countries, assisting project owners, law firms, utility companies, insurance companies and developers. His analyses consist of assessing soil improvement, soil-structure interaction, effects of vibrations and vibration isolation, construction defects, premises code compliance, dam safety, landslides, LNG and diesel tank condition assessments, API tank inspections, assessing wind turbine failures, causation of MSE wall failures, effects of adjacent construction, soil heave or settlements, frost-induced effects on soils, pipeline installation, effects of soil movements on pipelines, water intrusion, flooding, scour and backfill quality.


Workshop Instructor: Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, P.E.

Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, P.E., is the founder and CEO of Deep Excavation LLC, a developer of user-friendly, high-quality, deep excavation calculation and design software. He is also the current chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Earth Retaining Structures Committee.
Mr. Konstantakos holds a master of science degree in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has been involved in the design of bridge foundations, tunnels, deep excavations, finite element simulations, piers and bulkheads, pile foundations, and field inspections.Mr. Konstantakos has also taught Support of Excavation Systems as an adjunct professor at New York University.

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