Seminar: Design of Deep Excavations
Methods and Software Application

The 2- hour lecture with the title "Design of Deep Excavations - Methods and Software Application" scopes to the presentation of mathods and challenges in the design of deep excavations and the use of seismic design. During the lecture, we will design and optimize some deep excavation models supported by tiebacks and struts, using the tools of our software program DeepEX.

The course participants will be introduced to the significance of deep excavation design and get familiar with design methods and use of software in project design.

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for the design and analysis of deep excavation projects. It incorporates international structural and geotechnical codes and steel section databases. With DeepEX you can graphically create any deep excavation model, define all items through user-friendly dialogs and optimize the models realy fast. It provides all classical limit equilibrium methods, as well as a non-linear analysis method wth use of elastoplastic Winkler springs.

In Deep Excavation we believe that the training and the engineering experience is as important as the software itself. We focus on training all our customers in the use of our products and we provide high quality, personal technical support.

Course Materials

All seminar participants could open and save in pdf the course prematerials. The prematerial we offer is basically the course presentation, which includes information about the significance and challenges in deep excavation design, information about methods, software features and capabilities and information about real projects that have been design and constructed with the tools of our software.

You can request a trial version at:

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Seminar Instructor: Dimitrios Mamoglou, P.E. EU

Dimitrios Mamoglou, P.E. EU is a professional Structural/Geotechnical Engineer, cooperating with Deep Excavation LLC since 2010. Mr Mamoglou has been involved with the company's software products development, production of technical documents and manuals, as well as with the technical support and training of users in the effective use of geotechnical engineering programs.

Mr. Mamoglou holds a Diploma of Engineeging Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He  is a Certified Professional Engineer in EU, and he has been involved in the design of pile foundations, helical pile projects and deep excavations.

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What if any of the participants needs additional training?

Deep Excavation offers software training programs, extensive software presentations and seminars on design of deep excavations.

For information on our training programs, presentations and seminars, you are welcome to Contact us

Projects with DeepEX

More than 10,000 Projects Wordwide!

$2Billion HudsonYards New York, NY
Project Designed with DeepEX:

Deep excavation Project - Hudson Yards - Designed with DeepEX software

100' Excavations for LaBrea Station, LΑ, CA
Project Designed with DeepEX:

LaBrea Station - Los Angeles Subways - Project Designed with DeepEX

100ft cut (33m), 2nd & Hope, Los Angeles, CA
Project Designed with DeepEX:

2nd & Hope Station - Los Angeles Subways - Project Designed with DeepEX

Anchored Soldier Pile Walls in Texas
Project Designed with DeepEX:


Excavation Shoring in Manhattan, New York
Project Designed with DeepEX:

Soldier Pile Wall in Manhattan New York - Project Designed with DeepEX

Circular wet soil mix shaft, Tampa, FL
Project Designed with DeepEX:

Circular Shaft in Florida - Project Designed with DeepEX
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