SiteMaster Maintenance

Deep Excavation Deep Maintenance, Geotechnical Engineering Software Support and Upgrades

What is SiteMaster Maintenance?

Welcome to SiteMaster Maintenance subscrition service!

We care about You and we have got your back when it comes for any sort of assistance you need.

Our Technical Maintenance is designed with one goal: make sure everything gets done right and stays put without fail.

As we continue our tradition of providing the best technology and customer service, all your geotechnical challenges will be resolved with our professional team's assistance.


What exactly is our licensing policy?

Our policy is fair and straightforward: Purchase the software once and choose a yearly maintenance plan that will cost you a fraction of the original software price after the first year. You can now be confident that you will always get the most recent updated version of our superior software solutions, including all new codes and enhancements, as well as excellent personal and professional assistance and substantial discounts on future modules and workshops! At the same time, you will avoid the pricey annual fees charged by other companies, while owning cutting-edge software at the most affordable price.

What goes with SiteMaster Maintenance?

SiteMaster Annual Subscription includes %20- %40 discounts for extra licenses and will give you fast access to our technical support team to review your project issues.

Annual Subscription includes ongoing technical support for Single Cloud Solutions, and additional support required for a smooth transition with other modules or transfer on Cloud.

End users explore and enjoy annual services:

✓ Software Benefits (upgrade for new versions, exploring options with additional modules to power up your projects)

✓ Full Licensing Services (troubleshooting, personal desktop/video call technical assistance support, licensing recovery, options to change licensing)

✓ Technical Support (end user geotechnical support queries)

✓ Special discounts on adding extra modules, licensing seats, workshops, and license migration

Software Package Annual Fee
(Applied 12 Months from Purchase Date)
SiteMaster Basic $650
SiteMaster with DXF $850
SiteMaster with Sensors/Topography $1150
Server automatic monitoring system annual maintenance fee is customized as per the scope of the monitoring project and billed to each customer separately (by the established annual licensing agreement)
- starting from $ 2,500.

Get SiteMaster Maintenance
(12 Months)

This is one time annual fee that is due from the initial software activation/purchase. Maintenance plan will reactivate your license and technical maintenance for the next 12 months.

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