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Design Sheet Pile Walls with DeepEX!

✓ Select your Sheet Pile Section from Implemented Databases

✓ Generate your Sheet Pile Wall model with all Construction Stages

✓ Analyze your Excavation System with Different Methods

✓ Optimize all Structural Sections and Support Locations

✓ Export Reports and Sketches, including the Sheet Pile Wall Section Details

✓ Save Time & Effort in your Sheet Piling Projects and Gain a Competitive Edge!

Design Any Sheet Pile Wall System in Minutes - Save Time and Effort

DeepEX is the Ultimate Software Solution for Geotechnical Engineers, Contractors & University Courses!

DeepEX is the premier software program for sheet pile design. Now, this is a bold statement but please spend a few minutes with us you will find out why!

DeepEX has built in all standard pile sections. The software performs full structural and geotechnical design of any sheet pile wall structural system like braced excavations, cofferdams, bulkheads, deadman systems and more, present all analysis results in a comprehensive manner, perform all structural checks according to various implemented standards and codes and optimize the sheet piles in seconds. The versatily of DeepEX also allows the calculation of different axial capacities when lateral confining stresses change due to lateral movement.

In terms of analysis, DeepEX is a complete package! It offers both Limit-Equilibrium Analysis methods and Non-Linear Analysis options, as wall as a superior Finite Element Analysis engine. What sets DeepEX apart is that it enables you to follow all construction stages, include 3D loads, include additional wall elements, create and optimize any excavation cut section and 3D model in seconds, generate reports, export your excavation sketches in DXF, estimate your sheet pile wall project cost and more, all in a single software package! You can vary the pile section with depth, and include separate stages to consider different loading scenarios. 

DeepEX - Design Sheet Pile Walls in 3 Simple Steps

Sheet Piles with DeepEX - Implemented US Codes, Eurocodes, Australian Standards, Chinese Codes & more!

1. Generate the Sheet Pile Wall excavation model with all construction stages. The model generation can be done in minutes with the superior DeepEX interactive interface, in seconds with the robust model wizars, or even with your voice with the implemented voice commands.

2. Define the analysis settings, selecting among a wide list of implemented analysis methods, soil and water pressure diagrams, structural codes and geotechnical design load combinations and more.

3. Analyze your model, review the results for all construction stages in tables and graphs, optimize the model in seconds with the implemented automatic optimization tools and export detailed customizable reports in pdf or word format!


Sheet pile wall with steel struts - 2D cut section analysis in DeepEX software

Sheet Pile Wall with Struts
2D Excavation Section Analysis in DeepEX

Sheet pile wall with steel struts - 3D excavation model analysis in DeepEX software

Sheet Pile Wall with Struts
3D Excavation Model Analysis in DeepEX


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