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Continuing with our dedication and passion for deep excavations, we are ready to deliver the 2021 version. We are excited to introduce new unique features that extend the software capabilities. 

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DeepEX is a great, user-friendly, robust software program for shoring design and analysis. It can perform both geotechnical and structural design for many retaining wall systems, that include soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, secant pile walls. soldier pile and tremied concrete walls, king pile walls (combined sheet piles) and diaphragm walls with multiple sections of reinforcement. With  DeepEX, you can design any support system, including anchored walls, braced excavations/cross-lots, top/down construction models, walls braced by rakers, deadman walls, bin type walls and more. DeepEX can also perform slope stability analysis with soil nailing. It comes packed with all structural and geotechnical design codes. DeepEX is an upgrade to our DeepEX 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and DeepXcav 2012 versions.


DeepEX 2021 is the most recent version of our deep excavation software.  It offers an extensive range of capabilities. DeepEX accumulates a long international experience of geotechnical and structural experience in deep excavation design and software development with more than 2000 users worldwide. Engineers in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia,  India, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, and other countries use DeepEX as their preferred tool for deep excavation design.


Special Offer - Quick Upgrade for DeepEX 2021

If you first purchased DeepEX in 2019 you can now upgrade to the latest version with a special price below.

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DeepEX Upgrade
DeepEX Upgrade 2021

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New Additional Modules in DeepEX 2021

Marine Walls - Quay Walls - Wave Pressures (New Module - $1150)

Seawalls and quay walls present several unique design challenges versus traditional gravity walls. The new Marine-Quay walls module implements a wide range of methods for vertical sea walls and sea mounts:

- Load combinations for British Standards 6349 Parts 1-2 (Marine Structures-Quay Walls)

- Wave pressures with Sainflou, McConnel, Proverbs. Automatic or manual methods.

- Average overtopping volume calculations.

- Block/segmental walls with individual shear resistances and densities

- Quay caisson walls (3D) with infill zones. The program can calculate the 3D weight

- Quay wall wizard that allows you to generate typical sections in minutes.

Quay Walls Model 2.png Quay Walls Analysis.png

Steel-Connections (New Module - $950)

Steel connection design can be time consuming for deep excavation design. The new Steel-Connection module allows you to easily generate all steel connections for walers to struts, and corner walers. Once a design is complete the steel connections can be optimized with a click of the button. The program will then automatically adjust weld sizes and apply plate stiffeners if required. Steel-connections can be evaluated with AISC 360-16 allowable or LRFD.

Steel Connections Module.png

New & Improved Features

Google Maps Project Placement (3D Frame Analysis Improvement)

Google maps could be inserted from the earlier version – DeepEX 2020, with the 3D Frame Analysis addon. In the new version you can work directly in a Google map that is movable.

Google Maps Project Placement.png

Import 3D Buildings from Google Maps (3D Frame Improvement)

Adjacent structures and buildings play a very important role in urban deep excavations. From understanding the building size, to loads, and evaluating the potential impact of the new excavation on a structure these are critical challenges that engineers face. We make your life easier, utilizing the Google Maps/Earth database you can now import adjacent buildings. DeepEX will import the buildings in the correct latitude-longitude positions. The program understands the building footprint and can estimate building loads with a little assistance. These capabilities are available with the HoloDeepEX module.

Buildings Import from Google Maps.png

Prestressed Concrete - GFRP Walls & Piles (General Improvement)

New wall sections have been added for prestressed concrete piles and sections reinforced with GFRP. Design capacities are calculated with AASHTO LRFD methods. Strands type and other control parameters are fully implemented. Prestressed piles and GFRP sections are commonly used in bulkheads to minimize corrosion effects.

FRP Walls and Piles.png

Tunnels in 3D map (3D Frame / HoloDeepEX Improvement)

Draw existing tunnels in 3D for visualization in HoloDeepEX in 3D, augmented reality or virtual reality.

Add Tunnels in 3D.png

Design of Tunnels (Finite Element Analysis Improvement)

Model TBM, NATM or box tunnels in the finite element analysis. Wizards give you flexibility to easily create oval, and complex tunnel geometries.

Tunnels Design in DeepEX FEM.png

Splays in Frame Module (3D Frame Analysis Improvement)

Draw splays on struts to provide increased open spacing.

Splays in DeepEX 3D.png

New Option in FEM Analysis (Finite Element Analysis Improvements)

The small strain hardening soil model will be available in DeepEX 2021. The SSHS model allows for the soil stiffness to change depending on the experienced shear strains. The SSHS model typically performs better than the exponential soil model (hardening) at predicting settlement response.

Multi-core Analysis (General Improvement)

Speeding up calculations, the new version takes advantage of multiple threading cores to deliver results faster.

New Structural Codes (General Improvement)

- AASHTO LRFD 9th load combinations

- AASHTO LRFD 9th steel design

- BS 6349 Parts 1-2 Load combinations for Marine Structures and Quay Walls

New Analysis Methods (General Improvement)

Chicago CTA apparent earth pressure diagram and methods.

Improved slope stability automatic search procedure (Slope Stability Analysis Improvement)

Our implemented automatic critical slope surface search method is now improved, with increased accuracy on the discovery of the most critical surface, and with faster calculations.



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