DeepEX 2D Plus Package

Design & Analyze 2D Excavation Models!
Estimate Soil Properties & Export Sketches to DXF!

DeepEX 2D Plus is the basic version of our shoring design software, DeepEX, enhanced with the additional capabilities of soil estimation & statistical analysis and the option to export 2D section and wall section details sketches to DXF. With DeepEX 2D, you can analyze any common wall type and support system with the classical Limit Equilibrium Method and the Non-Linear Analysis with Soil Springs (Beam on Elastoplastic Foundations Approach). DeepEX 2D allows you to generate any deep excavation model in minutes, including all construction stages, analyze the model, perform structural checks on all structural members, perform slope stability analysis, and more. DeepEX can export detailed and customizable reports with all equations to PDF and MS Word!

The version can be enhanced with powerful optional modules that greatly expand the software's capabilities!

Optional Modules: Finite Element Analysis, Building Damage Assessment, Gravity Walls/Pile Abutments/Sea Walls/MSE Walls &more

Are you designing cofferdams? What about anchored walls? And when it comes to deadman systems?

DeepEX software has been the tool of choice for engineers and contractors worldwide, from cantilever walls to multi-braced excavations. Within the software's superior, interactive interface, you can simulate any deep excavation wall type (soldier piles, secant piles, tangent piles, sheet piles, diaphragm walls, and more) and generate all construction stages, supporting the wall with any possible support system. You can now design, analyze, optimize, and report any challenging deep excavation project type within minutes!

Wall Types in DeepEX

✓ Soldier Piles

✓ Secant/Tangent Piles

✓ Sheet Piles (Steel, Vinyl, Wood)

✓ Concrete Diaphragms

✓ SPTC Walls

✓ Combined Sheet Piles

✓ Box Sheet Piles

Support Systems in DeepEX

✓ Ground Anchors/Tiebacks

✓ Steel Struts

✓ Waler Supports

✓ Concrete Diaphragms

✓ Steel/Concrete Rakers

✓ Concrete Slabs

✓ Steel/Concrete Piles

DeepEX Top Down Excavation Model

Fig.: Top-Down Excavation – Secant Pile Walls with Slabs

DeepEX Anchored Excavation Model

Fig.: Anchored Excavation – Sheet Pile Wall with Tiebacks

Do I need separate software for my structural checks?

DeepEX can perform structural design on all structural members (supports and walls)! Now, you can have a full structural and geotechnical design of your deep excavation project in a single software suite in compliance with structural and geotechnical standards (US, Canadian, European, Australian, Indian, and Chinese codes are implemented into the program). The software calculates the wall moment and shear capacities, the support structural and geotechnical capacities, and more. All equations can be reviewed and can be included in the printed reports!

DeepEX Structural Design Results & Equations

Fig: Braced Excavation - Moment & Moment Capacity Graph, Support Reactions & Check Ratios, Equations

And what about slope stability analysis?

DeepEX performs slope stability analyses according to several methods (Bishop, Morgenstern-Price, Spencer, Swedish methods) so that users do not have to export data to another package! 

The software can locate the most critical slope surface from different methods (automatic non-circular surfaces, circular surfaces, circular surfaces with active/passive wedges, block-type failure, and more.

DeepEX can also design soil nail walls as it incorporates the recommendations by the French Clouterre, AASHTO LRFD, and Eurocodes.

DeepEX Slope Stability Analysis Results

Fig: Soldier Piles with Tiebacks: Slope Stability Analysis Results

Do you wonder how to estimate the soil properties from test data?

With the DeepEX2D Plus package, you can estimate your soil properties from SPT and CPT records! The software can give you a full estimation report with many implemented methods and a statistical analysis report for the estimated properties, so you have a high level of certainty when selecting the soil properties for your model.

DeepEX Soil Estimation from SPT

Fig.: Soil Estimation & Statistical Analysis in DeepEX

Do you wish to save time and effort when creating your deliverables?

With the DeepEX 2D Plus package you can export customizable reports in PDF and MS Word format, as well as model sketches to DXF!. 2D section sketches for each construction stage, wall section details and result graph sketches can be exported in DXF format and edited in any CAD software.

Reporting Options

✓ Edit/Export Reports with the Report Manager

✓ Select Design Sections/Construction Stages

✓ Customize the Report – Add, Remove, Move Sections

✓ Customize the Exported Graphs

✓ Select to Report all Equations & Checks

✓ Export Reports to PDF & MS Word

✓ Export 2D Section Sketches to DXF

✓ Export Wall Section Details to DXF

DeepEX Exported 2D Section Sketches to DXF

Fig.: DeepEX Exported 2D Section Sketches to DXF

Start with the Basic Version - Power Up with Additional Modules!

Capabilities/Version DeepEX 2D 2D+ 3D 3D+

3D City

Design of 2D Excavation Models
Limit Equilibrium Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis
Slope Stability Analysis
Export Sketches to DXF - -
Soil Estimation - Statistical Analysis - -
Cost Estimation - -
3D Models - 3D Frame Analysis - -
Steel Connections - -
3D Model Holograms (HoloDeepEX) - -
Gravity Walls O O O O
Pile Abutments O O O O
Sea Walls - Quay Walls - Wave Pressures O O O O
MSE Walls O O O O
Finite Element Analysis O O O O
Building Damage Assessment O O O O
Citywide Damage Assessment - - - O
Integration with Monitoring Data - - O O
Deep Maintenance (12 Months)

O: Optional modules that can be added in the software packages upon purchase.



One-Time Purchase!

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Damage ....................... + 1700 USD  
Grav-Piles-Quay-MSE... + 2000 USD  
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