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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Soldier Pile Walls



Soldier pile and lagging walls, commonly known as soldier piles, are some of the oldest forms of retaining wall systems used in deep excavations. Soldier pile walls have successfully being used since the late 18th century in metropolitan cities like New York, Berlin, and London.

The method is also commonly known as the "Berlin Wall" when steel piles and timber lagging is used. Alternatively, caissons, circular pipes, or concrete piles can also be used as soldier piles but at an increased cost. Timber lagging is typically used although reinforced concrete panels can be also utilized for permanent conditions. 

Soldier pile ...

The Future is Here: Add Buildings from Google Maps!


The Future is Here!

Add 3D Buildings in any Deep Excavation Model from Google Maps.

We are proud to announce that our new automalic buildings implementation from Google feature is here! Now, you can input the realistic model area map and all surrounding buildings from Google Maps! The software can process the implemented buildings, calculate the building loads on the excavation system, estimate surface settlements and more!

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QuayWalls - The Ultimate Quay Walls Design Software


QuayWalls 2021 - Our Software is here!

Gravity Quay Walls Design - Wave Pressures - Overtopping

We are proud to announce that our new software for the design of gravity type quay walls is here! QuayWalls Sofware brings together coastal, structural, and geotechnical engineering principles in one package to make your design life easier. Review our new software features and capabilities!

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Design Single Piles, Pile Groups & Rafts


DeepFND - Foundation Piles Design Software

DeepFND is the only software that can do both axial and lateral analysis of any foundation pile type (drilled piles, driven piles, caissons, micropiles, CFA piles, Helical piles and more). The software can design single piles , pile groups and pile rafts in a single software suite!

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