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Sep 30, Oct 1st, 2019

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Renaissance Hotel, Legacy West

Renaissance Hotel Plano Legacy West

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Our Software Solutions
DeepFND 2020: Deep Foundation software (NEW: Pile-Group/Pile Raft Analysis!)
DeepEX 2019: Deep Excavation software
Soldier pile walls
Sheet pile walls
Secant pile Walls
Tangent piles
Diaphragm Walls
Soldier and Tremied Concrete
Soil Mix walls
Combined king pile sheet piles
Slope stability
Cost estimation for braced excavations
Waler-Strut Cofferdams
Snail-Plus 2019: Soil nailing - soil nailing walls
SiteMaster: Inclinometer software (adopted by Geokon)
HelixPile: Helical Pile Software
RC-Solver: Concrete Design ACI-318, EC2, EC8
Steel-Beam: Steel beam column design, full equations, AISC, EC3

Soldier Pile Design Software DeepEX

The Most Complete Package Developed by Real Deep Excavation Design Experts

Soldier pile design requires that we carefully consider a number of factors. As designers we have at a minimum to size up the soldier piles, the lagging, and determine the required wall embedment. We also need to consider wall and surface displacements as well as global stability. In this day we have to be efficient to stay competitive. For this reason and for the last eighteen years we have provided our deep excavation software with advanced soldier pile design capabilities.

Not all soldier piles are the same, different conditions require that we use different types of soldier piles. In the US the most common soldier pile walls use steel H beams. In other parts of the world, where labor costs are smaller, drilled reinforced concrete piles are more common. DeepEX can handle it all.

DeepEX is the golden standard in soldier pile design, and we have the data to back our claim back.

From soldier pile excavations for the Los Angeles Subways, major soldier pile excavations in New York, Seattle, Baltimore, and more, DeepEX designed projects are closer than you think.

In the words of our CEO "I developed DeepEX so that excavation designers could be effective in their designs, I want engineers to charge for the value of their work and not the hours that they spend. DeepEX can help them charge effectively more than most bankers".

Over the years we have done some fantastic things and we will continue to do so in years to come:

- You can use your voice to prepare and analyze a soldier pile wall

- You can prepare your sections and drawings in DXF

- And with HoloDeepEX you can visualize your excavations in virtual reality

We are really proud that DeepEX is used by the most important engineers and contractors worldwide.

With DeepEX you do not only have a software program, you have excellent, expert technical support by your side when you need it.

See What DeepEX can do for you!

Soldier pile wall software DeepEX in 2nd Hope Station

100ft (30m) Soldier Pile Walls in Los Angeles

80ft soldier pile design with DeepEX software in Seattle80ft Soldier Pile Wall in Seattle

Holographic model of a deep excavation with DeepEX DeepEX on your desk (Augmented Reality)


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