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Data, databases, and Machine Learning for Geotechnical Engineers

Data, databases, and machine learning for civil engineers

Starts Sep 23rd

The future of civil engineering is approaching

Online Deep Excavation and Soil nail wall design Workshop

16 PDH

Nov 18-19, 2020

Deep excavation in Las Vegas

Early registration ends soon!

DeepEX 2020

Solving Deep Excavation Design

DeepEX 2017 talk to it and design your deep excavation!

Online Slope Stability, Soil Nailing, and Inclinometer Monitoring Workshop

4 hours each day, 8 PDH

Slope stability, soil nailing, and inclinometer worksho

July 15, 16, 2020

Deep Foundation Software, Pile Rafts, Pile Groups

From soil estimation to axial and lateral pile capacity

DeepFND - Deep Foundation Software, caissons, CFA, drilled piles, driven piles, concrete, timber

From soil estimation to helical pile settlement estimation.

New helical pile software HelixPile
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What do you want to design?
DeepFND 2020: Deep Foundation software (NEW: Pile-Group/Pile Raft Analysis!)
DeepEX 2020: Deep Excavation software
Soldier pile walls
Sheet pile walls
Secant pile Walls
Tangent piles
Diaphragm Walls
Soldier and Tremied Concrete
Soil Mix walls
Combined king pile sheet piles
Slope stability
Cost estimation for braced excavations
Waler-Strut Cofferdams
Snail-Plus 2019: Soil nailing - soil nailing walls
SiteMaster: Inclinometer software (adopted by Geokon)
HelixPile: Helical Pile Software
RC-Solver: Concrete Design ACI-318, EC2, EC8
Steel-Beam: Steel beam column design, full equations, AISC, EC3

Quick deep excavation analyses by our expert Deep Excavation Engineers.

Perhaps you are not designing deep excavations very often. You might need to analyze an excavation but you do not have the time to read through all the required details. You might also need a quick indepedent review of one of your designs. Sounds like you? Then, our quick analysis services is the solution that you are looking for!

Let us illustrate such a recent case in Canada

Recently an engineer contacted us. This engineer said  "... I only do this once or twice a year. I need to make sure that the design is right and get a second opinion". We came in, and in three hours we had a complete review of his design with a small report for his records. Further than a standard review, we also described to him various scenarios based on the anticipated soil properties. With our support the engineer was able to pass the indepedently verified design through the reviewing company. This what the engineer said afterwards:

Steven engineer "...If I had known about your services earlier you would have saved me two weeks worth of work!"

and our services did not cost a fortune!   From $450