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Dec. 3-4th, 2018

Bucharest, Romania

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New helical pile software HelixPile
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Our Software Solutions
DeepFND 2017: Deep Foundation software (NEW!)
DeepEX 2018: Deep Excavation software
Soldier pile walls
Sheet pile walls
Secant pile Walls
Tangent piles
Diaphragm Walls
Soldier and Tremied Concrete
Soil Mix walls
Combined king pile sheet piles
Slope stability
Cost estimation for braced excavations
Waler-Strut Cofferdams
SnailPlus 2018: Soil nailing - soil nailing walls
SiteMaster: Inclinometer software (adopted by Geokon)
HelixPile: Helical Pile Software
RC-Solver: Concrete Design ACI-318, EC2, EC8
Steel-Beam: Steel beam column design, full equations, AISC, EC3

DeviateVR – Drilled Pile Inspection in 3D and Virtual Reality

Another Geo-Innovation by Deep Excavation LLC, supporting Jean-Lutz Equipment

DeviateVR - See Secant Pile Installation in 3D and Virtual Reality

The Problem

When piles are drilled in, their installation usually deviates from what the design originally calls. For this reason engineers specify verticality and deviation tolerances that must be met during pile installation to ensure that the construction meets the design requirements.

For drilled piles, specialty monitoring equipment can be attached to the drilling head that records the vertical position of the drill head with depth. Up to now the only way to visualize pile deviations has been to use two dimensional cross sections with depth, we were unable as engineers to see and inspect the pile records as if we were really underground, but that is not any more the case!

Jean-Lutz Verticality Control

The Solution

With DeviateVR we are launching a new era in geotechnical inspection. We can now inspect pile installation records in three dimensions or using virtual reality. We can now achieve what is physically impossible, we can now visualize underground installation as if we are standing in real scale within the ground.

The Benefits

+ See the installation in actual dimensions

+ Ensure construction quality

+ Prepare an action plan in advance

+ Impress the project owner!

What are the minimum requirements:

PileDVR:             PC windows 7+, with 2GB or Ram or greater

DeviateVR (3D): Windows 10, Integrated Graphics Card

DeviateVR (VR): You will need a relatively good PC with a 1050+ graphics card and good memory. The following specifications are provided by Microsoft (Click here).

How it Works

The system uses two software programs, PileDVR for processing data and creating reports, and DeviateVR for visualizing data in either 3D (regular computer screen) or in virtual reality.

Raw pile verticality installation data is first imported into our processing software PileDVR. The PileDVR software allows us to process data such as pile overlaps, deviations, and tilt as a percentage of pile depth. The processed data can then be exported to the DeviateVR software that is responsible for visualizing the installation records.

If a virtual reality headset is attached the DeviateVR app will launch into the virtual reality environment. Otherwise, the DeviateVR will launch into the desktop mode as a regular application.

What will it cost?

Both software programs will be available on a subscription basis.

For a limited time we are giving introductory offers for prerelease purchases.


The following demonstration utilizes data imported by Jean-Lutz equipment (


PILEDVR pricing: PileDVR is the processing software for exporting data to the DeviateVR viewer. A separate purchase will be required for the DeviateVR viewer. The following introductory offer is available for prerelease orders of PileDVR only:

PileDVR - DeviateVR Pricing

To be released in December of 2018!
PileDVR-Intro $850.00
PileDVR only: Introductory offer from $550

PileDVR - DeviateVR Free trial

DownloadDownload a free trial
DeviateVR will be available as an app from the windows store. Pricing for the DeviateVR viewer will be at $650 per year per user. Purchasing information will be released in December of 2018!