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Deep Excavation Design

Feb 15, 2018

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Deep Excavation Software

DeepEX 2017 talk to it and design your deep excavation!

New Deep Foundation Software

DeepFND - Deep Foundation Software, caissons, CFA, drilled piles, driven piles, concrete, timber


New helical pile software HelixPile
Try our free 30 day trials for deep excavation software, for soldier piles, sheet pile walls, tiebacks etc.
Our Software Solutions
DeepFND 2017: Deep Foundation software (NEW!)
DeepEX 2018: Deep Excavation software
Soldier pile walls
Sheet pile walls
Secant pile Walls
Tangent piles
Diaphragm Walls
Soldier and Tremied Concrete
Soil Mix walls
Combined king pile sheet piles
Slope stability
Cost estimation for braced excavations
Waler-Strut Cofferdams
SnailPlus: Soil nailing - soil nailing walls
SiteMaster: Inclinometer software (adopted by Geokon)
HelixPile: Helical Pile Software
RC-Solver: Concrete Design ACI-318, EC2, EC8
Steel-Beam: Steel beam column design, full equations, AISC, EC3

Hydraulic and mechanical braces and struts in DeepEX software

DeepEX is the only software that allows you to model excavations with hydraulic braces and struts. We have worked together with main manufacturers of these systems and now DeepEX includes hydraulic braces by Groundforce, MabeyHire, and MGF. We have spared no detail in developing these new exciting features.

DeepEX captures different strengths along the hydraulic walers, connection strengths for inwards and outwards bending, connection details, and can automatically size up individual braces. The program also incorporates design curves as defined by manufacturers.

The full capabilities for modelling hydraulic/mechanical braces and struts are available in versions with the frame analysis module.

Groundforce Hydraulic braces and struts in DeepEX


MabeyHire braces and struts in DeepEX


MGF braces and struts in DeepEX

DeepEX Pricing

The most complete solution for deep excavations!

Annual technical maintenance agreement: $400 (includes unlimited technical support and upgrades for one year).


Ultimate DeepXcav: $3,475.00
Ultimate DeepXcav + Cost estimation: $4,100.00
DeepX + Slope + Frame Analysis: $5,075.00
DeepX + Slope + Frame modules
DeepEX Ultimate + DXF: $6,025.00
DeepEX Platinum + DXF
DeepEX Platinum (Building Damage Module): $7,525.00
All + Building damage module