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Free Webinar: Sep. 18, 2018 12:00 PDT (3:00 PM EST)

Design and analysis of 100ft soldier pile excavations for 2nd and Broadway Station in Los Angeles, CA

Presented by: Pirooz Barar, P.E., Babak Mamaqani, Ph.D. P.E., PB&A Inc


The Regional Connector Transit Corridor (RCC) and Westside Subway Extension, Purple Line (PL) are part of Los Angeles metro expansion projects and are both under construction. The presentation will highlight the design and construction methods utilized in the soldier pile support of excavation for the 2nd and Broadway Station. Predicted deflections are compared with actual readings. The 2nd/Broadway Station required a cut and cover excavation 500 ft long by 97 ft deep, underneath 2nd Street.

A decking system was integrated into the shoring system to accommodate live traffic during construction and provide lateral support at the top. The shoring system of the station consisted of soldier beams with tiebacks and/or struts. DeepEX was used as the primary software to design shoring system.

Soldier pile design in Los Angeles for 2nd and Broadway Station, free webinar

The stage construction feature in DeepEX allows user to model all construction sequences and design the shoring system for the most critical stage which may not occur at the final excavation stage.

The challenge in 2nd/Broadway station was to underpin LA Times building which was partially protruding into the station. A unique underpinning system, consisted of ground anchored concrete panels, was designed to support the building surcharge and prevent settlement. The initial design was slightly modified in collaboration with contractor (RCC-JV) to ease and expedite the construction. Extensive finite element analysis modeling was also performed to determine deformations during construction. Currently, excavation has reached bottom of the station and inclinometer readings were in consistent with predicted deflections and both shoring system and underpinning were efficiently supported the excavation.