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New Deep Foundation Software

DeepFND - Deep Foundation Software, caissons, CFA, drilled piles, driven piles, concrete, timber


New helical pile software HelixPile
Try our free 30 day trials for deep excavation software, for soldier piles, sheet pile walls, tiebacks etc.
Our Software Solutions
DeepFND 2017: Deep Foundation software (NEW!)
DeepEX 2017: Deep Excavation software
Soldier pile walls
Sheet pile walls
Secant pile Walls
Tangent piles
Diaphragm Walls
Soldier and Tremied Concrete
Soil Mix walls
Combined king pile sheet piles
Slope stability
Cost estimation for braced excavations
Waler-Strut Cofferdams
SnailPlus: Soil nailing - soil nailing walls
SiteMaster: Inclinometer software (adopted by Geokon)
HelixPile: Helical Pile Software
RC-Solver: Concrete Design ACI-318, EC2, EC8
Steel-Beam: Steel beam column design, full equations, AISC, EC3

DeepEX 2015 - Deep Excavation SoftwareDeepEX 2017 - The Ultimate Deep Excavation Software

Special pre-release upgrade ends Dec. 31st, 2016.

Contact us: to get your pre-release DeepEX with a special price!

Our 2017 version is almost here- continued innovation and excellence!

Continuing with our dedication and passion for deep excavations, we are getting ready to deliver the 2017 version. We are excited to introduce new unique features that extend the software capabilities. Now you can enjoy the only deep excavation design software with all major calculations reported in equation format.

Truly yours,

Dimitrios Konstantakos, P.E., CEO Deep Excavation LLC

Voice commands: You talk and DeepEX does!

New module: Building Damage Assessment

Also available Export drawings to DXF and Gravity walls

With DeepEX 2017 you can export your model drawings and construction sketches in a DXF format, saving you significant drawing time.

DXF drawing with DeepEX 2016 of LA Subway Station

DXF Sketch view of Deep Excavation with DeepEX 2016


Upgrade from

DeepEX 2015

from $900 with 1year technical support

DeepEX upgrade from 2015
Price of Building Damage module increases to $2000 after 12/31/16.

Cost Estimation for 3D Model: The only software program that makes a complete quantity take off and cost estimation for your 3D model:

Cost estimate table for Deep Excavation

Frame analysis module:

The frame analysis module allows you to quickly model the frame of walers and struts for an excavation.

Frame analysis with hydraulic and mechanical struts for a deep excavation

Full calculations (White Box Technology): Nothing is hidden, easily review all calculations for limit-equilibrium analyses and for structural checks of walls and supports:Sample earth pressure calculations with FHWA using an apparent earth pressure distribution

Sample projects:

Circular Shaft In Florida: Courtesy of Hayward Baker

Circular shaft in Florida designed with DeepEX (courtesy of Hayward Baker)

2nd Avenue Subway, New York, NY

Excavation for 2nd Avenue Subway, New York, NY

Hudson Yards, New York, NY (Courtesy of FNA Associates)

Excavation for Hudson Yards project, New York, NY


Upgrade from DeepEX 2015

DeepEX upgrade from 2015

Building Damage Module $1500 offer

DeepEX 2016: Free upgrades!

Great news, if you have purchased DeepEX in 2016, your basic upgrade to the 2017 is free.

The Building Damage Assessmen Module is available for $1500!

Building Damage Module Offer

DeepEX 2017

Special Promotion - Dec 31/16

Get it now!

DeepEX 17 + Frame Analysis + DXF + Cost + (Building 25% disc)

West Side Expansion - Los Angeles

Westside subway expansion, Los Angeles

DeepEX Free trial

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Excavation with struts and ground improvement in Puerto Rico

Excavation with struts and ground improvement in Puerto Rico

Sample Excavation Types in DeepEX

Excavation types in DeepEX

Frame model with Tiebacks and Struts in Florida

Braced excavation with struts and tiebacks in Florida

Excavation For Hudson Yards, New York, NY

Excavation sketch for Hudson Yards, New York, NY

courtesy FNA Associates

DeepEX Free trial

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